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Passing Through Twilight

A Harry Potter RPG

Passing Through Twilight RPG
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A collective breath is held by the entire wizarding population of Britain while the world looks on in earnest. Is Voldemort as unstoppable as people think? Is there anyone that can end his campaign of terror? This is war waged between the Ministry, the Order of the Phoenix, and Voldemort's Death Eaters. With Dumbledore's death, some have turned to despair, some of felt solace in their own hate and fear, and some have turned to the Boy Who Lived. Yet life in war does continue. People fall in love and have families. Children go to school. Even in their fear, people persevere in their own way.

Some would rob the denizens of Britain from their lives to fight the war. Minerva McGonagall is not one of them. It took her most of the summer in constant annoyance of Rufus Scrimgeour, but she was able to convince the Minister of Magic that Hogwarts should remain open. Despite events of the past, it is still the safest place for Britain's children. The Minister ultimately acquiesced, but only after new and extensive defenses were set in place. Among them, a special group of Aurors known as Regulators. It remains to be seen if their job is to protect the school's children, or stamp out anything that goes against the Ministry's assurances that it is winning the war.

An eventful summer to be sure. It has done precisely what Voldemort hoped- it has the everyday wizard questioning the competency of the Ministry and Scrimgeour. With Dumbledore's death, it seems Death Eater attacks are growing more brazen. But gains have been made.

- Alecto and Amycus Carrow were captured by Ministry personnel during a raid and sent to Azkaban only a week ago. Their trials are set to begin next week.
- A very public (show) trial for Antonin Dolohov has been big social news- his sentence of death is expected to be carried out within the month for the murder of Igor Karkaroff, former Headmaster of Durmstrang. His sentence has raised many eyebrows.
- Fenrir Greyback was briefly taken into custody by Alastor Moody's Vigilance Guard when he attempted to kill Bill Weasley. He later escaped, managing to kill four Aurors in the process. He is believed to be wounded.

Yet despite such gains, dozens have been injured or killed and dozens more have disappeared- all suspected work of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. There has been no sign of the wanted traitor and known Death Eater, Severus Snape. Yet the last two weeks have been strangely silent. Harry Potter has disappeared as well and many fear for his welfare. Scrimgeour has taken advantage of the situation and proposed a number of Acts that severely curtail the rights of individuals- especially those with suspected Death Eater ties.

In mid-August, students received letters debunking rumors of Hogwarts' closure due to the war. Prefects and Head Boy duties were assigned in the same letter. The school will open on time, though students should expect several changes in routine.

Nev. Longbottom (7th)

Padma Patil (7th)

Luna Lovegood (6th)

Charlotte Fayre (6th)

Millicent Bulstrode (7th)

Theodore Nott (7th)

Fenrir Greyback

Bellatrix Lestrange

Draco Malfoy (?)

Nymphadora Tonks

Minerva McGonagall

Lucretia Hardwycke
DADA / Regulator

Rubeus Hagrid
Gryffindor Head

Pomona Sprout
Hufflepuff Head

Filius Flitwick
Ravenclaw Head

Horace Slughorn
Slytherin Head

Argus Filch

Rufus Scrimgeour
Minister of Magic

Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived

Dark Lord

Ron & Hermione
Comfort & Counsel

Severus Snape
Death Eater (?)

Lets not get too hung up on rules- we all know what to expect. We are all mature adults that can behave like mature adults.

-- Please treat each other and the Reeve with respect. We are all unique. Keep personal drama out of the game. The Reeve will tolerate no out-of-game prejudice directed at players. In game, in-character is another matter.
-- No Godmodding. The only characters you control are your own, along with "nobody" NPCs (such as storekeepers, etc.) Please don't "force association" through background. This rule is somewhat exempt if you are writing a dream/fantasy post.
-- Do Not use OOC information (including bios) as in-character knowledge. Don't try to doggedly expose OOC information in-character because you know of it and want to be the first to expose it. A bio is a bio, not a checklist of exposable secrets.
-- Multiple characters will be accepted case-by-case based on the skill and availability of the individual player. When playing multiple characters, please consider playing outside the boundaries of your first. It is unlikely that the Reeve will allow players to have more than two PC's.
-- Stay active. The minimum to stay in the game is one thread per week per character! If you cannot meet that, please do not join. As much as I'd love to have a lot of players, I need them to stick around. Hiatuses are fine- ditching the game without so much as an explanation isn't.
-- One game day equals one realtime week, unless otherwise stated by the Reeve. We will change days every Sunday. Backposting is fine, but successful backposting through a flashback rocks my world! Occasionally we will skip game days or even a game week to refresh.
-- Maintain continuity of time, schedule and weather. The Reeve will post expected forecasts in the Daily Prophet. To avoid time issues, use Relative Time (i.e. Mid-Afternoon as opposed to 4 o'clock). If a character should be in class at a certain time, then to post them outside of class means that Filch can drop by at any time. The game is based in a school.
-- Please post in third-person, past tense (or present tense if all parties agree, but keep it consistent).
-- The game is roughly a 70/30 proportion of character-driven to plot-driven story arcs. All players will have the chance to join "dilemma plots" but these are first come, first serve. Otherwise, players are expected to create their own plots most of the time.
-- Please LJ-cut anything longer than a paragraph while in the IC community.
-- Smut, nudity and bloody gore must be F-Locked and include a warning in the Header. Keep it believable and with purpose. This isn't a game devoted to sex. Develop a relationship, don't engage in thinly veiled cybersex, please! A "smut" post doesn't count as your weekly thread. You're adults, so as long as its believable, adult things can happen.

Potential players are welcome to pick up any canon student of any year, as well as canon Professors, Death Eaters, Ministry personnel and Order of the Phoenix members. Original characters are welcome to round out the teaching staff (in need of a Transfigurations professor) as well as new members of the Order, the Death Eaters and within the Ministry. Lastly, original student characters will be considered to round out the numerical gaps within the Houses. Please be wise when choosing a PB for such a character- major blockbuster stars and/or musicians need not apply.

Below are a few links to canon characters that are available. More in-depth information about them can be found under the Links page.

Game Starts Sunday, May 13th!